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Via Venezia 12/2 (We are here: see the map)

35141 Padova
tel. 049 8276470

Opening, see the main page. Hours may change during holidays, please check the library main page. Services are not available 5 minutes before closing time.

Studying in the Library
Everybody is allowed into the Library, using the university badge. The Library has a maximum capacity of 198 people. ATTENTION: you must  book a seat using the app Affluences. Here a simple map of the library lecture rooms

The library owns more than 40.000 modern books and ebooks, over 700 current subscriptions to periodicals and ejournals.

The Library owns subscription to the main databases in Psychology (such as Psycinfo).

All the material is open shelf, available to students on a self-service basis.

All Library materials may be tracked down through GalileoDiscovery


Computer facilities

In the library there are 20 workstations that can be used by students using as account their istitutional email.

Every workstation is web connected. A Wi-Fi service is available inside the Library using Edoroam wi-fi.

Print and photocopies
In the Library there are some self-service photocopiers, to be operated with the university badge through MyPrint service.


Local loan
Books wanted for loan must be brought to the Information Desk, together with the University badge. The staff will take care of the registration of the loan.

Loan entitlements:

  • Academic staff can borrow up to 20 books for 60 days;
  • Undergraduate students and Erasmus can borrow up to 15 books for 30 days,
  • Books labeled with BD.... can be loaned only for 15 days.

A book loan can be renewed using GalileoDiscovery, e-mail or telephone.

External users can borrow books, subscribing to the loan service for 1 euro as fee; the affiliation lasts for 3 years

In case of delays of more than three days in the return of volumes borrowed, the user will be suspended from the service for a period equal to the days of delay.

Interlibrary Loan
Our Library participates to the university ILL service, coordinated by a Central Office (UCPI) located at the library of the Faculty of Statistical Sciences.

contact: Via C.Battisti, 241-243 - 35121 Padova. TEL.0039 049 8274108(4107) - FAX 0039 049 827 4100 - e-mail:

Document Delivery
Internal users
Document delivery service is available to professors, post-graduate students, researchers and students of the Psychology School. The request form must be filled usind Nilde service.

External users
The Library sends out photocopies of articles and parts of monographs, according to the italian regulation of copyright (law 633/1941). The service is available to libraries only.