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Padova, just like a growing number of other cities around the world, has opened up a series of free wi-fi hotspots in the most beautiful and publicly accessible parts of the city. Thanks to Padova Wi-Fi Net, anybody can have free internet access. You can navigate the web as if you were at home, and freely connect through your instant messaging, VoIP and video applications to anyone around the world while sitting in many open spaces in the city. 

WiFi connection is available in the library and in many university structures and city places, such as:

  • study room ex Fiat, via Venezia
  • study room ESU e disabili, via Portello
  • study room at riviera Tito Livio
  • study room at via Galilei
  • study room at via Jappelli study room at via Marsala
  • aule studio di Medicina, presso l’Azienda Ospedaliera
  • collegio Morgagni
  • tram stops, from Guizza (south terminus) to Pontevigodarzere (north terminus)
  • Piovego canteen
  • Palazzo Bo, via VIII febbraio
  • Palazzo Maldura, via B. Pellegrino
  • Palazzo Liviano, piazza Capitaniato 7
  • Palazzo Magistero, piazza Capitaniato 3
  • piazza Antenore
  • piazza Cavour
  • piazza della Frutta
  • piazza delle Erbe
  • piazza Garibaldi
  • piazza dei Signori
  • Prato della Valle

Map of hotspot locations

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