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Bibliographic research

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Bibliographic research

Institutional users can access all electronic resources both via the University intranet (on campus) and off campus.

The library provides free training courses/workshops on the use of the most important electronic resources.

Bibliographic research with operator 

Literature researches are provided by the library staff throughout interrogation of biomedical databases.
You can request a Bibliographic Research by filling out the web form "Request a bibliographic research."
You can also book a session writing to: in case you prefer to search the biomedical literature with the help of the library staff.


Institutional users: 10.00 EUR per research
External users with Library Card: 20.00 EUR per research 

Payment methods
- C/c postale 14960355 payable to University of Padova, Medical Library V. Pinali - Bibliographic research; copy of the payment receipt should be sent to:
- At the Library reception desk.

The results of the bibliographic researches will be sent to your email account within five working days.

Reference Staff:

Rosalinda Russo
(+39) 049 8218873

Lisa Dainese
(+39) 049 8218875

Barbara Varotto
(+39) 049 8218887

Service email: