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Document Delivery Service

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Document Delivery Service

The Library supplies users with copies of documents, such as journal articles, book chapters etc, which are not available in any of our collections. All you have to do is to contact the library and ask for the document delivery form.

Please note that the Document Delivery service may be subject to copyright restrictions and that further restrictions concern the electronic transmission of some documents.

Please also note that copies of documents are supplied for study, research and personal use exclusively.

Before applying for an item request, please check the online catalogue and the List of University of Padova libraries.


Document Delivery out

The service provides a copy of documents held by the Medical Library Pinali, according current regulations on copyright.

Who can asks for this service:
University Libraries
Academic libraries and other no-profit Italian and foreign companies.

Delivery methods:
Electronic (PDF file - Prospero)
Sending time: within 3 working days

Repayment Required:

libraries that do not cooperate to the mutual exchange are asked to provide a repayment of € 3 for item on c / cp no. 14960355 payable to: University of Padova, Library Pinali.

Form of application:
by NILDE, ACNP code: PD018
fax 049.8753674

Contact person:
Monica Ruzzon
tel. 049.8218874
fax 049.8753674

Document Delivery IN
The service provides users with copies of documents from libraries of other Universities and Institutions, according current regulations on copyright.

The service is available for:
Faculty, students and staff of the University .
External users with the Library card.

Method of application:
Institutional users have to register their own account at the Nilde service:
External users must apply at the library information desk and fill out the DD form.