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Training courses

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Training courses

The library holds training courses/workshops to the use of on line electronic resources (ie biomedical databases, electronic journals and citation manager systems).

The training courses/workshops take place in computer-equipped classrooms. Institutional users can attend freely while external users have to apply for a Library card.


The aim of 4-hour training course /workshop sis to provide participants with an overview of literature searching in PubMed, the most important biomedical database produced by the National Library of Medicine.


  • Introduction to Pubmed 
  • Search citations using “Citation Matcher” (and other uses of Citation Matcher) 
  • Description and analysis of a results page and of a bibliographic record 
  • Structure of the Thesaurus for medical research with Mesh (medical subject headings) 
  • Logical Operators 
  • Search by free word and ATM (Automatic term mapping) 
  • Qualifier fields 
  • Searching by Field, Searching by Builder 
  • Filters 
  • Clipboard 
  • Registration in My NCBI 
  • Results management (collections, rescue strategies, e-mail, printing)

The training course/workshop takes place in the computer room of the Medical Library Pinali (1st floor).
You need to register to partecipate.
You will be asked to complete a Satisfaction Questionnaire at the end of the course
External users can register by contacting the library.

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